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IMS står starka i orostiderna som råder

IMS har vidtagit alla nödvändiga åtgärder för att kunna verka även i nuvarande Coronatider. Klicka på länken nedan för svar på de frågor du som kund kan ha. Hittar du inte svaret du söker, hör av dig till Staffan på 070-5188111. https://www.ims-gmbh.de/current-situation-at-ims/?lang=en

IMS Messsysteme är klimat-neutralt!

IMS Messsysteme GmbH is confirmed as a climate neutral company! The climate change is certainly the maximum challenge of our time and especially the main polluters of the largest industrial nations are rightly called up to make their active contribution to achieve the climate protection goals defined in the Kyoto Protocol. As the world market leader for non-contact measuring systems for the steel, metal and aluminium industry, we are of course aware of our ecological responsibility due to the global nature of our business activities. As the logical consequence we have ascertained our CO2 footprint resulting from our activities in the form of greenhouse gas emissions by the independent specialist company Fokus-Zukunft. By purchasing the corresponding number of climate protection certificates for the years 2019 and 2020, we have not only been confirmed as a climate-neutral company, but were additionally able to actively support a re-timbering project in Uruguay (certified under the sovereignty of the Verified Carbon Standard) as well as a hydro power project in India (certified by “Certified Emission Reduction” (CER) under the sovereignty of the United Nations).

VD-skifte på IMS Messsysteme

SUCCESSFUL BEGINNING Dear All,   I am looking forward to the great opportunity to act as managing director of the world market leader for measuring systems and would like to introduce myself briefly below. As a freshman software engineer, I joined IMS in 2002 and regard that step as one of my best decisions in life. It is a great privilege for me to have been part of the IMS family for over 17 years and to gain a lot of experiences. I am 45 years old, married, have a son and live in Haltern am See/Germany. As General Manager at IMS Messsysteme Shanghai, I was already part of the management team with responsibility for business in China since 2015 and also already in cooperation with many of you for technical matters. In the role of Mr. Fackert’s successor, I share his optimism for a bright future of IMS. He was an incredible leader and mentor for me, for the entire team and a good friend to all of us. I assure you that I take on my job here because I am thrilled with this company and its internal and external teams. I want you to be confident that […]

IMS bygger nytt lager och logistikcenter

Se filmen med glimtar av nya bygget för lager och en samlad produktion!

METEC i Düsseldorf 25-29 juni 2019

    Snart dags för ett besök på METEC, planera ditt besök i tid!

Nowhere a scratch or dent allowed

Thyssenkrupp Steel Europe GmbH manufactures heavy plate of the highest quality ranging from quarto and strip plate for various fields of use to customised steels. Its product portfolio extends from general structural to shipbuilding steels. Heavy plates for Yellow Goods, construction machines of all kind, such as excavators and dumpers, as well as machines for crane construction, are used in environments where highest standards of components are required. The quality of their surfaces and product properties play a decisive role in customer satisfaction. Customers are placing increasingly stricter and documented demands on the quality of the material. As a reliable supplier, one then wants to supply heavy plates that are flat and free of blisters or other inclusions. Else, it would inevitably lead to problems and high costs. The surface inspection system “surcon X-3Dvision” can help to avoid this trouble.Thyssenkrupp Steel Europe GmbH uses surcon X-3Dvision in a blasting plant in Duisburg Hüttenheim to inspect the top and bottom sides of blasted plates for defects. Automatic detection and classification of relevant defects, their position and geometric data are guaranteed.

IMS X-ray systems for different applications

It is not that long ago that a large corporation recalled chocolate bars from its production. The reason for this – the somewhat unappetising idea of foreign particles in the product. It can sometimes happen in the manufacturing process, for example, that metal or plastic parts come loose and get into the food product. Many manufacturers, therefore, try to find foreign particles before the product leaves the factory. For this, the products are X-rayed in their packaging. A software program then evaluates the visual images and detects unwanted objects automatically. In this way, food products that are not up to scratch can be filtered out during the production process. IMS have been developing and manufacturing X-ray generators, control units and complete systems since 2001. IMS X-ray systems are mainly found in measuring instruments for the steel and non-ferrous metal industries – but the fields of application for X-ray systems are wide and varied: non-destructive inspection for foreign particles is useful not only for food products, but also for, for example, wheel rims and tyres. IMS technology is used in microstructure technology to inspect finished circuit boards or small castings. We also offer special solutions for the field of medical technology, to […]

Glöm inte Cold Rolling Day!

Cold Rolling Day närmar sig, och det är hög tid för anmälan! Vi hoppas att ni tar tillfället i akt att besöka såväl Cold Rolling Day i Düsseldorf som att göra ett besök hos IMS Messsysteme i Heiligenhaus! IMS-besöken är planerade till em 31/5 och fm 2/6, IMS bjuder på lunch i samband med ditt besök! För detaljerat program och intresseanmälan gå till “Kontakt”

”Cold Rolling Day” Inter Continental Düsseldorf 1:a juni 2017

För att informera plåt-och bandproducenter om de senaste tekniska innovationerna, arrangerar IMS tillsammans med 10 branschkollegor en gång om året eventet ”Cold Rolling Day”. I år hålls eventet den 1:a juni i Düsseldorf. På ”Cold Rolling Day” kan du uppdatera dig om den senaste tekniken på området och träffar många branschkollegor. Oavsett om det gäller valsning, smörjning eller processmätning – inget event ger dig mer information på en dag om just ditt specialintresse. Följande företag deltar: IMS Messsysteme GmbH, Atlantic GmbH, Fraunhofer IzfP, Gontermann-Peipers GmbH, Lechler GmbH, Lismar Engineering B.V., Maschinenfabrik Herkules GmbH, Quaker Chemical Corporation, Rebs Turbolub GmbH, Schaeffler Technologies, Steinhoff GmbH. För mer info: http://www.ims-gmbh.de/events/cold-rolling-day-2/?lang=en Anmäl dig via ”kontakt”!

IMS Smart / Nyhetsbrev

NEWSLETTER FROM THE WORLD MARKET LEADER IN MEASURING SYSTEMS IMS har startat ett nyhetsbrev som heter IMS Smart. Där finns bra tips för dig som på något sätt ansvarar för att producerade plåt- och bandprodukter håller rätt materialegenskaper som ex.vis. tjocklek / dimensioner / ytkvalité / planhet. IMS Smart kommer ut c:a 5 gånger/år. Vill du också ha IMS Smart, så fyll bara i formuläret under “Kontakt”!