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IMS X-ray systems for different applications


IMS X-ray systems for different applications

It is not that long ago that a large corporation recalled chocolate bars from its production. The reason for this – the somewhat unappetising idea of foreign particles in the product.

It can sometimes happen in the manufacturing process, for example, that metal or plastic parts come loose and get into the food product. Many manufacturers, therefore, try to find foreign particles before the product leaves the factory. For this, the products are X-rayed in their packaging. A software program then evaluates the visual images and detects unwanted objects automatically. In this way, food products that are not up to scratch can be filtered out during the production process.

IMS have been developing and manufacturing X-ray generators, control units and complete systems since 2001. IMS X-ray systems are mainly found in measuring instruments for the steel and non-ferrous metal industries – but the fields of application for X-ray systems are wide and varied: non-destructive inspection for foreign particles is useful not only for food products, but also for, for example, wheel rims and tyres.

IMS technology is used in microstructure technology to inspect finished circuit boards or small castings. We also offer special solutions for the field of medical technology, to be found, for example, in CAT scan equipment from GE. IMS supplies X-ray systems of the highest order, always according to the wishes of the customer. We ensure our high standards with a certified quality management system and internal test laboratory.

Not all manufacturers are yet equipped with X-ray systems – but numerous well-known customers already place their trust in our innovative know-how. This does not protect consumers against calories, but at least it does against foreign particles in their chocolate bars!

Are you interested in the variety of our x-ray systems?

Read more! http://www.ims-gmbh.de/product-catalog/x-ray-components/?lang=en

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