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IMS Produktprogram i översikt

IMS har processmätare för i stort sett alla applikationer ni behöver för produktion av band, plåt eller rör! Hör av er om ni har ett behov!

IMS är Red Dot-vinnare i kategorin “Interface design”!

IMS Messsysteme GmbH’s User Software Wins Red Dot Design Award in Category “Interface Design” Caption: Red Dot Design Winner 2021: MEVIweb, the proprietary control and regulation software from IMS Messsysteme GmbH The impressive performance of all IMS measuring systems is not only determined by their reliable functionality, consistently accurate measurement results and remarkable service life. Another important factor for the success of the radiometric and optical measuring systems from the world market leader in Heiligenhaus is its exceptionally user-friendly control software MEVIweb.   MEVIweb is the logical successor of the well-known automation system MEVInet used so far. Developed by IMS, this new Human Machine Interface is based on the latest technology standards and focuses on the user and his individual requirements at all times.   The newly developed control and regulation software is freely configurable and thus a software solution that can be adapted individually to different users and measuring systems. For example, an HMI editor allows IMS Service to program the human-machine interface specifically for the customer and measuring system. Operators of the measuring systems are given a clear overview of the system’s most important data at all times.   Thanks to the modern information design and clear visual […]

Strip Edge Profile Measuring System “Edge Drop”

Significantly Reduced Scrap Rate With Optimised Product Quality Publicerades 15 november 2021 IMS Messsysteme GmbH Exact determination of strip edge thickness profile as well as centreline thickness reduces the scrap rate when trimming cold-rolled steels Based on the measurement results, the rolling mill can be controlled automatically and the production process optimised via a closed loop control Rolling mills produce cost-efficiently and according to the highest quality standards, delivering a flawless starting product to specification to the processing industry Radiometric and optical measuring systems from IMS Messsysteme GmbH have been an integral part of the processes in steel rolling mills since the 1980s. Undergoing continuous development, each of these specific measuring systems contributes significantly to quality assurance in the manufacture of rolled products for the highest demands through 100% automated measurement, logging and documentation. Like the strip edge profile measuring system “Edge Drop”. Installed, for example, at the exit of a tandem mill, this system determines the exact strip edge thickness profile as well as the centreline thickness of the material. It is a well-known problem: due to the rolling process, cold-rolled steel strip is thinner at the edges than in the centre. Customers, however, require a rolled end product […]

IMSocial – IMS tar fullt ansvar för resurser och klimat

“Sustainable business not out of obligation, but out of conviction!” Hållbara affärer inte av skyldighet, utan av övertygelse! “IMSocial means more than just a project. IMSocial is a belief and stands for the values of our corporate philosophy. We not only want to achieve sustainability in our products and customer relations, but also place the same demands on our social, ecological and economic responsibility.” Med IMSocial och CSR (Cooperate Social Responsibility) tar IMS ansvar för klimatet, resursförbrukningen samt den sociala mångfalden. IMS är certifierat CO2-neutrala och utvinner 1/3 av sin elförbrukning från  1500 solceller placerade på de 9 kontors- och produktionsbyggnaderna. IMS har  sammanlagt 450 anställda på fem kontinenter representerande 13 olika nationaliteter. Läs mer på https://www.imsocial.info/?lang=en

IMS-Experts till din tjänst!

IMS lanserar en ny webtjänst, IMS-Experts, där du kan få hjälp att hitta förslag på lämplig processmätning av rör, plåt, band eller långa produkter. På sidan finns också en chattfunktion för att få personlig hjälp med att hitta rätt mätare/mätsystem. Gå in på sidan www.ims-experts.com/en och läs om hur IMS kan vara till er hjälp för att förbättra och följa upp er produktion. Naturligtvis kan du även höra av dig till mig så hjälper jag till, mail till staffan.olsson.so@gmail.com!

IMS tar fullt hållbarhetsansvar……

IMS Messsysteme GmbH är pionjärer bland medelstora tyska företag att skapa en hållbarhetspolicy för att bli miljö- och klimatneutrala! Man gör det genom  starten av IMSocial som är en plattform för ett hållbart företagande. Målet är hållbarhet för tillverkning, energianvändning, miljöpåverkan och inte minst samarbetet med anställda, kunder och underleverantörer. Som ett exempel an nämnas att IMS på sina 9 större byggnader har sammanlagt 1500 solceller som producerar drygt 30% av IMS egna elbehov. Övrig elkonsumtion är klimatkompenserad. se https://www.imsocial.info/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/Urkunde-IMS-Messsysteme-GmbH.pdf Ytterligare information om IMS satsning på hållbarhet hittar du på https://www.imsocial.info/?lang=en

IMS står starka i orostiderna som råder

IMS har vidtagit alla nödvändiga åtgärder för att kunna verka även i nuvarande Coronatider. Klicka på länken nedan för svar på de frågor du som kund kan ha. Hittar du inte svaret du söker, hör av dig till Staffan på 070-5188111. https://www.ims-gmbh.de/current-situation-at-ims/?lang=en

IMS Messsysteme är klimat-neutralt!

IMS Messsysteme GmbH is confirmed as a climate neutral company! The climate change is certainly the maximum challenge of our time and especially the main polluters of the largest industrial nations are rightly called up to make their active contribution to achieve the climate protection goals defined in the Kyoto Protocol. As the world market leader for non-contact measuring systems for the steel, metal and aluminium industry, we are of course aware of our ecological responsibility due to the global nature of our business activities. As the logical consequence we have ascertained our CO2 footprint resulting from our activities in the form of greenhouse gas emissions by the independent specialist company Fokus-Zukunft. By purchasing the corresponding number of climate protection certificates for the years 2019 and 2020, we have not only been confirmed as a climate-neutral company, but were additionally able to actively support a re-timbering project in Uruguay (certified under the sovereignty of the Verified Carbon Standard) as well as a hydro power project in India (certified by “Certified Emission Reduction” (CER) under the sovereignty of the United Nations).

VD-skifte på IMS Messsysteme

SUCCESSFUL BEGINNING Dear All,   I am looking forward to the great opportunity to act as managing director of the world market leader for measuring systems and would like to introduce myself briefly below. As a freshman software engineer, I joined IMS in 2002 and regard that step as one of my best decisions in life. It is a great privilege for me to have been part of the IMS family for over 17 years and to gain a lot of experiences. I am 45 years old, married, have a son and live in Haltern am See/Germany. As General Manager at IMS Messsysteme Shanghai, I was already part of the management team with responsibility for business in China since 2015 and also already in cooperation with many of you for technical matters. In the role of Mr. Fackert’s successor, I share his optimism for a bright future of IMS. He was an incredible leader and mentor for me, for the entire team and a good friend to all of us. I assure you that I take on my job here because I am thrilled with this company and its internal and external teams. I want you to be confident that […]

IMS bygger nytt lager och logistikcenter

Se filmen med glimtar av nya bygget för lager och en samlad produktion!